Our goal at Snapshot Stories is to help you tell and share your story. We believe words have the power to change the world.

The Instructors

Karlyn-smallKarlyn Coleman is an award-winning writer and teacher. A teaching artist and board member at the Loft Literary Center, her fiction has appeared in various publications and she has earned grants from the Loft Literary Center, the Sustainable Arts Foundation, and the Minnesota State Arts Board. She is the author of the picture book, Where Are All the Minnesotans (Minnesota Historical Society Press).

AnikaFajardo_photo2018_squareAnika Fajardo is the author of Magical Realism for Non-Believers: A Memoir of Finding Family (University of Minnesota Press). A writer, teacher, and editor, she teaches at the Loft Literary Center where she also serves on the Board of Directors.


Pricing varies and packages are available for groups, organizations, or other situations. We are also able to help your organization seek funding.

Snapshot Stories options include:

  • Length of course (4, 6, or 8 week courses, usually 2-hours)
  • Workshops (full or part-day workshops)
  • One-on-one office hours (with one or both instructors, hourly)
  • Editing services (priced by the hour)
  • Book production (see Books)

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