Your Stories in Print

Whether you work with us one-on-one or participate in a writing class or workshop, we can put your stories together to create your unique, perfect-bound, professionally-edited book.

Sample of an optional “life map” or timeline.


  • guide you as you write and shape your memories
  • help you collect and organize your stories
  • help you choose graphics and images (like family photos, memorabilia, maps or family trees, and specialized lists)
  • edit and proofread your text

After you write your stories and select any images, we will compile them into your book. The final product is a tangible, personal book you can share with your family and friends.

Your book might include travel stories, family memories, or childhood capers.

Fees include the cost of your book and professional editing. Your book (usually about 24-32 pages) is printed in high-quality full color. Additional copies may be ordered through our printer.